Berkeley Mobile

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Berkeley Mobile 

A redesign of a campus resource app

2017-2018   UI UX Design




Berkeley Mobile is a campus resource app that provides navigation, dining hall menus, library information, and gym classes.  From Fall 2017 to Spring 2018, I worked under the ASUC Office of the Chief Technology Officer with a team of talented coders to redesign the app.


User Research

We conducted in depth usability tests with various college students with different backgrounds.  In addition, we found anonymous feedback through app store reviews and reddit.

Reviews from the app store

Reddit thread on suggested improvements of the app

A snapshot of our interview notes

A snapshot of our interview notes


The Problem

  1. Static interaction - The app lacked movement when interacting with some buttons and having a more dynamic platform would be more engaging

  2. Information organization - Information was not prioritized efficiently. For the group exercise page, general categories differentiated the classes first, and the time slots were not displayed prominently. Our interviews showed that students prioritize time over class type.

  3. Extraneous options - Extra hamburger menus and unneeded search and sort by options existed in the old app. These were distracting and misplaced.

  4. Inadequate layouts - The previous Berkeley Mobile UI aimed for consistency over function and information was poorly organized with respect to each resource. For example, the library tiles were organized in horizontal scroll, only able to show 2 at a time when there was in face over 30 libraries in the system.


Redesign Goals

1. Streamline-improve user flow and lessen the amount of clicks to pertinent information

2. Organize - reformat and label the information according to each feature's unique needs


Final Mockups

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Takeaways and Reflections

During my time at Berkeley Mobile, I enjoyed working collaboratively in teams.  We worked hard to outline and reflect our values, the most important being that we design for students.  We reached out to the greater UC Berkeley community through user testing and in-app promoted feedback.  As a designer, I was able to create a cohesive style guide and learn how to design for both android and iOS.