A Performative Wearable

2017-2018   Product Design




Critical Making is a graduate class that operationalizes and critiques the practice of “making” through both foundational literature and hands on studio culture. As hybrid practitioners, students develop fluency in readily collaging and incorporating a variety of physical materials and protocols into their practice. With design research as a lens, students envision and create future computational experiences that critically explore social and culturally relevant technological themes such as community, privacy, environment, education, economics, energy, food, biology, democracy, activism, healthcare, social justice, etc.



For this project, we wanted to tackle the issue of sexual harassment, especially touch without consent. It’s common for many people, especially women, to experience inappropriate touching or groping when out alone in public. In recent events, this issue has been brought into more light in the tech and entertainment industry in regards to Uber and the #metoo movement respectively. These social misconducts have been occurring long before but have only been brought to public attention because some were brave enough to come out of the shadows to expose the perpetrator. This in itself takes so much courage because first, they have so much at stake(they can lose their career), they are afraid to reveal their identity, it is hard for them to recount the traumatic experience, and feel shameful of what happened to them, and are in the face of public scrutiny. But sexual harassment can happen anywhere; from the workplace, schools, public spaces, the internet, and at homes. These acts are much more prevalent and can occur daily in our lives. Sometimes, the perpetrator may be unaware that their actions are offending to someone. And in turn, sometimes, the victim may not be aware or understand what is happening to them a the moment. These implications can leave a traumatic scar to the harassed person for the rest of their lives. And can impact their mental health, academics, professional environment, relationships. So, we thought, how can we prevent these violating interactions from happening?




Final Product

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